30 – Nothing

Definition: A person in their 30s that confuses “normal people” in society. This person has passed the 20something phase where it was ok to not be tied down, go after a dream job instead of build a family, and wrestle with the idea of “adulting”. To be a 30-Nothing is to combat the idea that life isn’t what we were told it would be and to forge our own paths.

A little bit about me…

However you happen to have stumbled here – welcome! Apologizes for what is sure to become a bit of a cluttered mess.
I am a designer, adventurer, over-thinker, writer and activist. I live a bi-coastal life with my long-time tiny panther companion, Penny Lane. My Quarantine level ups include sourdough baking, gardening, and food preservation.

I’m not going to get into too much detail – you’ll learn as it comes up.
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